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About this project

This project was made in the Pitt-Greensburg Digital humanities class taught by Dr. Campbell. Also, this project was designed to highlight the travels of George Washington as a twenty-one-year-old British Major in the Provincal Army.

Project Team

Jacob Snyder, a senior, is a History major and a Political Science minor at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. He is very interested in US history, especially in regional historic events and land marks. After graduation, he will be attending Graduate school at Duquesne University, where he will continue to focus his studies on US history.

Mollie Dreistadt, a fourth year student at the Univerity of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, majoring in chemisty.

Dylan was the third member of the team.

A invaluable asset to the Washington Trail tea was out student instructor Ben. He was always ready and willing to answer questions and brainstorm ideas with us.

Reseach Question

Our research question was more or less to track the movements of Major George Washington's jouney. Despite being local history, it is, for the most part, unknow history about G. Washington, especially the role he later had in starting the French and Indian War.


Our primary text was the journal of G. Washington. It provided the route, people, places, and locations through out his journey.

Moving Forward

In the future, it would beneficial to add links to people and their locations, making the entire journal interactive. I was able to accomplish this for a couple of the forts, but I think more of the same would be great.

Final thoughts

While very difficult at times, this class taught myself and my team members a value skill to build on in the future.